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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tear and Avoid sex in water

For many tears are a sign of strong emotion but can also as a lubricant so that the eyes do not dry. Tears signaled whether in good condition or a sign of a disease.

Air eyes are glands that are produced by the process lakrimasi to membersikan eye. Tears contain Lyzosime that can kill many kinds of microbes.

Lyzosime fluid can kill around 90-95 percent of bacteria left over from the computer keyboard, railing, sneeze and the places that contain bacteria, only in 5 minutes.

As quoted from the body of sign, Saturday (27/2/2010), scientists recently found a really emotional tears contain more protein and certain hormones associated with tears of emotion from the usually wet eyes.

Tears are made of three layers namely, a layer of sticky mucus that helps protect the cornea. Aqueous coating moisturizes and maintain eye. Oily layer that helps slow the epavorasinya.

In some people, the tears are not available in sufficient quantities to keep the eye moist and comfortable.

If tears are not enough, will give cues such as eye heat, pain, mucus, and easily irritated skin. Watery eyes continue to indicate deficiency of vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Vitamin B2 is important for healthy eyes and skin.

Watery eyes can also be a sign of rosacea condition that causes eye and skin to turn red. Watery eyes also indicate the conditions of a more serious sort of blocked tear duct, nasal polyps or Graves' disease (protruding eyes).

In some extreme cases, even a person did not shed tears because it should not be crying so-called Reflex Anoxic seizures.

Reflex Anoxic seizures usually occur because of obstructed blood supply to the brain. If the patient until the crying can cause the heart stops beating or dramatically slowed.

As quoted Beliefnet, tears could be a miracle drug proved useful for the health of body and mind. Tears help eyesight, kill bacteria, improve mood, remove toxins, reduce stress, build communities, comforting feeling.

Although you are bothered by various kinds of problems and trials, but after crying usually will appear a sense of relief. After crying, the limbic system, brain and heart will become fluent, and it makes a person feel better and relieved.

Avoid sex in water
The word 'sex' it may have aroused sexual desire, let alone plus 'sex in the water'. But be careful, though having sex in the water sounds exciting, there are dangerous things to be avoided.

Sex in water is not as easy as jumping into the water and then directly into the core event. As quoted from eHow, Thursday (25/2/2010), there are some things you should know and be prepared if you want to do a 'sex water' safe.

1. Bring additional condom
If planning to use condoms, condoms should carry more inventory. Condoms and water will not get along, the duration of condoms would be less because the condom will be easily separated when exposed to water. Water will make condoms became slippery and finally despite the risk of falling or even higher.

2. Bring the liquid lubrication
If you think the water will add to the liquid lubrication for women, you're wrong. Conversely, the water will only remove and wash lubricating fluid released women just before and during sex.

These conditions will produce a taste that is less comfortable and slightly ill for women. For that, make sure to bring silicone lubricating fluid that is not water soluble so that penetration can run smoothly without pain.

3. Do not do 'sex water' in the pool or beach
There are many places that can become an area to do a 'sex water', but should avoid places like swimming pools and beaches. Swimming pools contain chlorine which can adversely affect health, especially women.

Chlorine that enters via the vagina can cause a bladder infection and the risk of other diseases caused by bacteria that enter from the water. To be more safe, you should just do oral sex.

Meanwhile, the beach is also not a good place to have sex. High salt content in sea water will endanger the woman's reproductive organs. Besides having sex on the beach is not a legal activity, so you should not try to do it.

4. Find and install anti-slip grip in the bathtub
The tub is the place to do a 'sex water' the most secure, as long as do not forget to put anti-slip material (slip) on the surface of the tub. Do not forget to also find a place to grip in order not to fall easily when having sex.

Sex in the bath or tub best done in a state of standing because the body is more stable and balanced in action.

So if you want to have sex in the water, you should think about and prepare thoroughly so that everything is running smoothly and keep sex safe. be

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